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Endeavoring to Punch Mediocrity in the Face!

Starting Fresh

Its been a long time and I’ve decided to change gears on the blog.  Well… not a complete gear change.  But adding in some goals.  It’s been what?  6 years almost? Since I posted last?

A lot can happen in 6 years.

So now this blog will not only be just about art and science and projects.  The new focus, while still in line with these fundamentals, is on discovery of self in the throes of intense depression, anxiety, PTSD, and abuse recovery.

It’s been a rocky ride so far.  Stay tuned.


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New post after long break – Rhino clay sculpture

I will spare the drama as to why I’ve been gone for a while, and why I let this posting fall behind.  Since I’m an art major, again, I will be forced into action of creating so will likely post more.

I’m venturing into the world of sculpture.  I’ve always considered myself incredibly bad at 3-D renderings of the real world.  Granted I’ve gotten a lot better over the years and have learned that it is just another one of those things that you don’t doubt that you can do,  so without the doubt in place you can conquor the fuck out of it if you’re in the right mindset.  I generally know how to look at an object, person, or place and translate it on paper or into form so I’ve already got a leg up on most of the class even if I am terrible. 

Basically we were given a 25 pound block of clay (Not given, really.  More like I bought and hauled that shit across campus to class…) and our assignment was to pick an animal out of a box of rubber animals and make that animal from a smaller blob of clay cut from our huge chunk.  As we were digging through the toy box one of my classmates produced this janky Rhino that was made of this really strange stretchy rubbery foam.  As she handed it to me she said “EWWWWWW THIS ONE FEELS WEIRD!  Check it out!”, so of course I had to use it.

Tonight all we had to do was mash a grapefruit sized ball of clay into the shape, and pose, that we wanted so that it could dry a little.  It more or less was like working with cream cheese.  After some of the moisture evacuates from it,  it should be carvable and I should be able to add to it.

The rare Blob Rhino!

 Here is another angle:

Where's the ears?!

I have found that as lame as I thought the class would be it is actually quite fun.  I wasn’t interested in making cups and bowls.  The teacher doesn’t seem interested in dropping us into happy cups and bowls land either.  She has a nice plan laid out for us so there is actual structure and technique taught.  I’m really quite loving it!

Can’t wait to get this guy done!

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Back after break – Blue Sky

I didn’t update for a week or so.  Mostly due to just not feeling well.  But today I add art.

Blue Sky

 Sometimes you just need to make art to make art.  I didn’t spend a lot of time on this.  I just needed to get it out.


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Photo post – Aerial Tissue


I’ve always loved circus arts. After I grew into adulthood I really discovered a huge community of awesome circus and performance artists and managed to frequent quite a few events where they can be found. 

Opulent Temple Massive 2011

Back in June I went to a massive done by the good folks at Opulent Temple out on Treasure Island.  I took this picture of the aerial tissue artist performing in front of the main stage.  The beats were fantastic and the mood was pretty awesome so there were many great photo ops.  I did a little color adjustment in photoshop and sharpened it up a little.  My lense is not ideal for low light, and I did not have a tripod at the time, so there was some blur that I did my best to remove.  Otherwise it came out fairly sharp and was the best of the bunch that I took of her.

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Self Portrait #3

I basically have told myself that I will keep doing these things until they improve.  The thing I’ve been struggling with has been this whole need to draw hard lines in there to outline form instead of using the side of my graphite bar to just smear blobs of dark in there to gradually etch a form out of.  So thats what I tried this time around.  I am getting a little more pleased with my results every time. 


More improvement!


While I still do not think it looks like me… It is WAY better and is getting way better.  Because of this scan, however, I think I will be reworking the eyebrow as it is throwing off this side profile. 

The next goal will be to become more practiced with the quick form sketch using this technique.  Once I am comfortable with that I need to really get in there to create texture and tone on my face instead of just allowing so much white paper to exist.  This took me about 15-20 minutes to do, as well, and I want to be able to make it this far in the sketch process in roughly 5 minutes.

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Self Portrait #2 – Improvement!

Ahhh… AGain with the self portraits.  They are indeed challenging. 

Getting better!

 It is way better than it was the last time.  I still struggle with the drawing lines for everything instead of just etching the shapes of the values out with my pencil.  I guess a lot of dark on the paper really intimidates me and keeps me from making progression at times. I’ve always struggled with feeling overwhelmed once I get heavy values onto the paper whether it be with strict black and whites or colors.  I think in the next self portrait project I need to get some color going to really work on that intimidation factor by proving the world doesn’t explode if I really add value to my shading.


This took about 15 minutes.  I limited myself to a quick drawing as with the other one.

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Photopost – Goliath Tarantula

I really love taking pictures.  They soothe the savage soul.  Or fuel it. 

Once upon a time my then-boyfriend and I kept tarantulas.  Since then I have gained a healthy understanding of spiders and respect and sympathy for them.  They really are beautiful and alien creatures.  Tarantulas are  like nothing else on earth.  They are fragile with the most delicate touch as they feel their way around their enclosures.  However, they can attack faster than your brain can process or react.  It is truely an amazing thing to witness.  You realize just how far we, as humans, have evolved away from these perfect killing machines in both nature and reaction time.

This is a Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula from South America.


Beautiful Spider..

 This lady had set herself up perfectly for a picture.  It was great practice in framing a shot and just really working with the lens to focus on the center of her body.  Getting a good shot without a lot of blur was difficult as I did not have a tripod and my lens just struggles with low light.  However, she was about the size of a dinner plate so she was reflecting a good amount of light.  The spiders I had were bigger than this girl was.  They were also fantastic displayers as they were always out of their burrows in the light. She seemed to be doing the same – Enjoying time out of her burrow and showing off her huge body quite nicely.  She looks so velvety and like she’d be soft to touch!  Her butt was quite bald, tho, so it was evident that perhaps someone else found her tempting to touch before they found their fingers, and maybe face, full of urticating ( hairs.

And yes.. They are big enough to eat small birds, mamals, and cold blooded creatures.


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Photo entry – Self portrait and the beach

I wanted to do a beach picture tonight and set about it by combing through some beach photos that I took about a month ago.  I figured I would touch a few up and post them.  I was so happy with the color of the one that I chose, however, that it didn’t need much done to it.

Natural Bridges

 The day was so pretty out.  We decided to find a place to watch the sun set since we’d been out and about all day – The adventure started in San Francisco and ended in Santa Cruz after a few hour drive down 1.  We followed some signs, once we hit Santa Cruz, that more or less said  “BEACH —–>” .  We ended up at Natural Bridges and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  This time of year in the area is pretty magical.  We get a very rich, chilly sea that supports a variety of amazing marine life.  In the 10 minutes I spent there I saw a pod of dolphins cresting through water along the vast forest of kelp tops as they rocked with the waves, sea lions romping along the rock edges while engaging in a healthy bit of politics amongst themselves, and more sea birds feeding in the breaks than I could count.  In the picture you cannot really see the animals… But the sea has a rippling quality towards the left of the photo from the sheer amount of kelp in bloom. The kelp is the setting stage for one of the hugest specials in nature on this planet and it totally blesses our coast every day.  I feel lucky to live so close to it that I can pretty much drive right over the hill and it is there.

No Makeup BAM!


Lastly I took a self portrait of myself with some creative lighting.  It came out dark… But I haven’t a lens that gives me a large enough orifice!  I may do a drawing of this picture tomorrow for my next project.  Self portraits are always hard for me to deal with and have always been hard.  Before, when I had no positive self image, it was difficult for the different reasons I struggle with today, and most of the issues revolved around just not liking what I saw.  These days it is more of the technical challenge aspect – I cannot draw as well as I’d love, yet, so it is difficult for me to give myself a self portrait that I am okay with.

We shall see…

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Cat Toy – Lack of Inspiration

Inspiration has been sparse lately. 

I created this blog for a number of reasons.  Creation therapy was one of them.  Admittedly when things are rough on the emotional front I often get myself into projects that I can’t hold through on even if I know that the reason I’m starting a project is more for distraction than anything else.  My muse has always worked that way – Been there in times of extreme emotion but hard to scrape up any other time.  It has been great watching my creativity go through the muse cycle – Driven by heartbreak one day, by music the next, to days like today where I can barely pull my head out of my deeper thoughts to  think of ANYTHING to do.

But I had to do something because one day off is okay.  Two is NOT okay at this point. 

I made a cat toy for my lovely furry beasts.  I pretty much knew that one of them would give a rats ass about it.  He rarely engages in any human initiated play.  However, the other cat was super stoked to have a new toy.  Especially since it was stuffed with food and catnip!

The innards...

First pattern and then a pouch was made to contain the above innards.

The pattern of a fish to contain the fishy food inside!

 I pretty much just used some muslin.  I cut the tail off of the pattern part to just make a small pouch for the catnip and foods after using it as a stencil to cut out the outer body of the fishie.

Pinning and cutting of the body of fish!


I started at the nose and sewed towards the tail, around the tail, and around to the nose again leaving about a 1 inch opening in the front where the mouth is so that I could turn it inside out.


Once rightside out I filled out the tail with some polyfill and stuffed the goodie pouch into it.

Almost ready to play!

 Since I make poi I had a ton of swivels laying around so I sewed a loop with a swivel attached to it through the fishmouth, added a turtle bead, bell, and some feathers and BAM!

Finished cat toy attached to a bamboo switch

 I tied it to a bamboo switch with another swiveled length and string and the non – picky cat loved it!

While not inspiring… it still took about an hour to make and it brought my older fuzzy girl some joy.  She actually chased it!

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Picture post 1 – Sichuan Pepper

Ahh… The Sichuan Pepper.  If you have not tried it in your foods, you should.  It does not add spice in the way that we normally think of spice.  It adds it in a very sensual way – The very slight numbing and tingling of the mouth. 

A few nights ago when I was at a friend’s house he busted out this vodka that he had been bathing his sichuan pepper corns in.  Rumor had it that actually consuming the vodka would make one vomit uncontrollably within 20 seconds.  Rather than risk that fate it was suggested that we just swish it around in our mouths.  Which we did.  It left one feeling slightly euphoric, delightful, and vaguely mouthnumb. 

After drinking a few beers and swishing with peppercorns we set the jug up for a shot at some controlled lighting pictures.  One of my friends stood behind it with a flash light, the other in front of it for this one:

I don't know WTF that P-P means.

 For this next one two friends stood behind me, one on either side, and one lit the corns from the bottom from behind it.  One of them had retrieved a high powered torch from his room and pretty much cooked the fuckers for the picture:

Much more exposed peppercorns.


I am overall not happy with only the fact that the P-P lable came out blurry in both pictures.  The lense I was shooting with was 55-200mm cuz I love the way I can focus the background out of the picture.  I am, however,  pretty happy with the fact that I did okay in figuring out the lighting settings on my camera with this lense to really get the texture and color of the peppercorns in the liquid though.  That is what I was really going for.  After several attempts we figured out that it required some lighting from the front and some from the back under the jar to get them to show up this well.  Whoot!  Success at my mission!


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